Everything You See Here Is Being Given Away – $1,500 Worth Of Games

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Giveaway Details:
1) All Games Shown In This Video Will Be Given Away
2) Shipping Domestically Will Be Covered By Me, International Shipping I can cover up to the cost it would cost me to ship domestically, but the rest needs to be covered by the winner.
3) Deadline for Entry Is 5/18/2022
4) Winners Will Be Announced In My Week In Review Video On 5/21/2022
5) Any Winners Who Do Not Claim Their Prize By 5/28/2022, The Prize Will Be Given Away To Patrons Instead
6) I will attempt to contact you but to be certain, watch the week in review on 5/21/2022

How To Enter:
1) Comment on this video with any comment, limited to one entry per person
2) All GoFundMe Donations Given will be eligible for entries, every $5 is an entry, e.g. a $50 Donation is 10 entries.
3) All active Patrons are eligible for entries, every $2 is an entry, rounded down. e.g. a $5 patron is 2 entries.
4) Limited to one prize per winner

0:00:00 – I’m Giving Away All These Games
0:02:50 – Why Am I Giving These Away?
0:03:41 – Sleeping Gods
0:05:05 – Final Girl
0:06:37 – Zombicide: Invader
0:07:53 – Brass: Lancashire
0:09:15 – Trick Shot
0:11:15 – Dogs of War
0:13:10 – Maglev Metro
0:15:04 – Merv
0:16:53 – In The Hall of the Mountain King
0:18:24 – Lizard Wizard
0:21:00 – Crimson Scales
0:23:32 – Wrapping Up

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