How Stretch Goals Work, Why They’re Both Frustrating & Rewarding

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Ah stretch goals….if they’re present they cause drama and strife, if they’re gone they cause drama. It’s one of those campaign tools you can’t win with, like early birds….or pledge manager price hikes, or Kickstarter exclusives. Come to think of it, maybe it’s Kickstarter that’s the problem and not any one of these things.

0:00:00 – Overview
0:00:30 – Some Backstory
0:02:35 – The Reason for the Frustration
0:04:35 – Opposing Viewpoints
0:06:55 – What Stretch Goals Are Supposed To Be
0:09:35 – What Stretch Goals Are Now
0:12:12 – Can We Agree That Stretch Goals Have A Limit?
0:15:35 – Let’s Look At Undead Or Alive
0:17:55 – Are All Stretch Goals A Lie?
0:19:25 – And What It It Doesn’t End Up Being Enough?
0:20:38 – Setting Expectations
0:22:25 – Wrapping Up

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