Kickstarter, The Unknown & Why It’s A Problem

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Kickstarter needs us. Inherently. To survive kickstarter needs backers. And for a long time I thought Kickstarter was a great asset to board games. But I also think that now it’s getting messier out there, more complicated, more unknown. What can we do about it? Anything? Nothing?

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:30 – Kickstarter Is Great When It Works
0:03:48 – The Unknown
0:08:00 – How Do You Price Something That Doesn’t Exist
0:09:40 – We Knew This Was Coming
0:10:30 – This Is About Expectations
0:13:30 – Back With Grace
0:15:40 – Only Back What’s Worth It
0:16:35 – Companies Are People
0:17:50 – Wrapping Up

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