Lorenzo Il Magnifico & Expansion Review – The Expansion Changed My Mind On This One

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In Lorenzo il Magnifico, each player takes the role of the head of a noble family in a city during the Italian Renaissance to gain more prestige and fame — that is, victory points (VP) — than anyone else. To do so, you send your family members to different areas of town, where they can obtain many achievements. In one location, they get useful resources; in another development cards that represent newly conquered territories, sponsored buildings, influenced characters, or encouraged ventures; and somewhere else they activate the effects of their cards.

BGG Link – https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/203993/lorenzo-il-magnifico

0:00:00 – Game Overview
0:06:15 – What The Expansion Adds
0:08:11 – Ease of Play
0:08:58 – Player Count
0:10:11 – What I Like
0:14:27 – What I Don’t Like
0:16:33 – What I Can See Others Not Liking
0:18:33 – Final Thoughts
0:20:33 – Recommendations

My Review Board – https://bit.ly/2Y9PFJF
Explanation of Review Board – https://youtu.be/jA-Zb2StGjk

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