Moonrakers: Titan Expansions – We haven’t told you everything!

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– Don’t Miss This Campaign – – Join Patreon to support what we do – – Join our Discord to play games – – TimeStamps – 00:00:00 Hello, Hello 00:01:16 Overview of Base Game Moonrakers 00:04:16 Criticisms of Base Game Moonrakers 00:05:42 Overload 00:08:27 Binding Ties 00:10:28 Nomad 00:14:14 Recap of All Expansions – Check out the game on BGG for more information – For media inquiries – [email protected] This video is a sponsored video This game was provided by the Publisher – Our Approach to monetized Content Video – Moonrakers is a game of shipbuilding, temporary alliances, and shrewd negotiation set in a space-faring future. The players form a loose band of mercenaries, but while they are united in name, actual alliances are shaky as players are pitted against each other in the quest to become the new leader of the Moonrakers. Moonrakers is a deck-building game in which players choose Contracts to attempt alone or with Allies in order to gain Prestige and Credits. After negotiating terms with Allies, players use their decks of Action cards to play Thrusters, Shields, Weapons, Reactors, and Crew to fulfill the requirements on each Contract. Each type of Action card has additional effects such as extra Actions, drawing additional cards, and protecting players from Hazards encountered while attempting Contracts. Players create powerful decks and gain special abilities by upgrading their ships and hiring Crew Members. This helps them accomplish more difficult and rewarding contracts alone, letting them keep more Prestige and Credits for themselves. Allies negotiate who will receive the Prestige, Credits, and risk of Hazard from Contracts, but if you don’t make your offers enticing enough players may be tempted to betray you! The first player to 10 Prestige wins, but be careful as hazards encountered on Contracts reduce your Prestige! The Kickstarter edition includes the First Encounter mini-expansion with ~15 cards. -description from designer – Secret Hidden Channel – #Boardgames #Quackalope #Tabletop