Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid Review – This Is No Walk In The Park

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid gives each player the chance to take the role of a Power Ranger, the heroes of Angel Grove who defend the earth against the evil Rita Repulsa and her nefarious minions. Each Ranger comes with a unique combat deck representing their special skills and fighting style. From the Red Ranger’s leadership karate skills, to the Yellow Ranger’s Sabertooth ferocity, to the Blue Ranger’s tactical mind, each ranger brings a unique set of skills to the table. You need to use your powers well if you intend to save Angel Grove!

BGG Link – https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/258148/power-rangers-heroes-grid
Skytear Horde – https://bit.ly/3wjwGcP

0:00:00 – Overview
0:08:23 – Ease of Play
0:09:38 – Player Count
0:10:18 – What I Like
0:13:10 – What I Don’t Like
0:15:13 – What I Can See Others Not Liking
0:17:08 – Final Thoughts
0:19:18 – Recommendations

5.0 – My absolutely favorite games. You can pry them out of my cold dead hands.
4.5 – Love this game! At the same time missing something that would make it a 5. Could be hard to table, lacking variability, a little light, etc.
4.0 – Really great game, almost always keeping, although has meaningful complaints as to what takes away from the experience.
3.5 – Really enjoyed, don’t love it, may lose out to better games but the idea of never playing again is a bit sad.
3.0 – A good game, would play and suggest with the right people, if I never played it again wouldn’t lose any sleep.
2.5 – A game I’d play again , but will never suggest it myself
2.0 – A game I don’t want to play again
1.5 – A game I can’t find any reason to recommend
1.0 – A game that is just bad.

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