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[0:00] Intro

•••[3:12] Games Q&A►►►
Should pubs put out digital versions? Should pubs put out PnPs? Cards in cards? RRT YouTube shownotes? https://geekgroup.app ? Secret word contests? Final thoughts? Ranking http://gone.rahdo.com ? Responding to questions? Narrative in euros? ThinkerThemer’s recent VW video? Lifestyle games? Downtime mitigation? Games we’re best at?

•••[1:24:13] Personal Q&A►►►
Star Wars strengths? Fear? Krystal & Saagar? Twitter? Why is Last Jedi the best star war? Bluetooth speaker? Frugality problems? Alpha dogs? Dr. Strange & Moonknight? Star Trek show rankings? Dire Straits? Jens WoW? DOGGOS!

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