Spark Riders 3000 – My Replacement for Pandemic!

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00:00:00 Hello, hello
00:00:43 Why this compares to Pandemic
00:02:39 Object of the game
00:03:53 How the game works
00:06:35 The app
00:08:40 Players turn
00:12:50 The enemy turn
00:15:56 Lets recap
00:16:25 My thoughts
00:17:53 What should you know and consider
00:20:17 That’s a preview

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Play as the crew of the Spark, the spaceship equipped with the most advanced AI in the universe. Your mission is to deliver precious cargo to the four corners of the galaxy to ensure the survival of humanity. Beware, alien pirates and hostile environments await you, so only the best will arrive in one piece.

Spark Riders 3000 is a hybrid single player/co-operative tower defense and survival game for 1 to 4 players in which players must coordinate their actions to ensure the success of their mission.
Each scenario is different and you will have to adapt quickly to avoid seeing your ship destroyed and its cargo intercepted by alien pirates.
The goal is simple: reach your delivery point without having one of the ship’s vital rooms destroyed.

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