Super-Sized! Games You Can Still Get, Even If You Don’t Go to Essen! – Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! ⭐—– THIS EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU BY: —– ⭐ The Great British Baking Show Game Rise to the challenge in The Great British Baking Show Game! AND Challengers! Are you and your team up to the challenge of the ultimate Capture The Flag tournament? AND Knight Fall Fast-paced, asymmetrical combat – with solo, co-op, and story campaign modes, too! AND Flamecraft Join forces with adorable dragons and earn fame across town, earning the title of Flame Keeper! Subscribe! ❓—– QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? —– ❓ Please don’t hesitate to comment below, but abide by our Code of Conduct: 💛—– SUPPORT WATCH IT PLAYED —– 💛 Join the Watch It Played Patreon Team! 👕—– GET STUFF! —– 👕 Find exclusive board game promos at: Shop our TeeSpring Store (shirts, mugs and more): Get the Watch It Played Game Shelf poster and track your game plays: Get a BoardGameGeek “Watch It Played” Microbadge: The BoardGameGeek list of ALL our videos: 🎬—– VIDEO CHAPTERS —– 🎬 00:00 Intro 00:42 Civ-Building & Historical Games 05:44 Semi-Cooperative Games 09:37 Card Games 14:53 Re-Released Games 18:44 New Versions of Old Favorites 23:22 Chaz’s Personal Picks! 27:07 Wildcard Selections 32:29 Best Bets #WatchItPlayed #FindBoardGames #HotBoardGames