Why Negative Reviews Are Less Common

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Being negative is a good thing, but also hard. Negative reviews are an important part of the space, or positive reviews don’t mean anything. Or consumers can’t make informed decisions. And yet negative content is just rarer. Why? If they are such a good thing if there’s demand around them, then why?

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:22 – There’s Less Negative Content Than Some People Want
0:03:25 – Bias & Marketing
0:05:10 – Most Games Are Good
0:06:55 – Viewers Push Back More On Negative Content
0:11:40 – Some People Don’t Like To Be Negative
0:13:25 – Being Worried About Whether I’m Right
0:18:18 – It’s Hard To Prioritize Negative Content
0:28:00 – Most People Filming These Videos Aren’t Making Money
0:29:00 – Wrapping Up

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