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ELO Darkness Giveaway by Board Game Revolution!

17 October, 2017 | Your Opinion
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Dice Hospital Now on Kickstarter!

9 October, 2017 | Your Opinion
THEMATIC OVERVIEW In Dice Hospital, each player takes control of a hospital and tries to heal as many patients as they can in various ways in order to score victory points. GAME OVERVIEW Dice Hospital mixes worker placement and dice... more!

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down

7 October, 2017 | Your Opinion
Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down is a game of strategy in which each player chooses one faction in order to fight for survival, as well as for world domination, at a time when the moon has crashed into the earth. The... more!

The Rhino Roundup – 04/10/2017

5 October, 2017 | Your Opinion
Roundup video of some of the top boardgame campaigns on Kickstarter in the last 2 weeks. The games talked about in this episode: STEM: Epic Heroes The 7th Continent: What goes up, Must come down Tyler Sogman’s Crows OX the game... more!

The Rhino Roundup – 20/09/2017

20 September, 2017 | Your Opinion
Rhino Roundup video with some of the top boardgame campaigns on Kickstarter in the last 2 weeks. Games included in this episode: Consentacle Someone has died The Networks: Executives Cerebria the Inside World The Metagame: Games Expansion 

BoardGame stories & The Rhino Roundup

17 September, 2017 | Your Opinion
We are very happy to announce that as of September 1st, our website will be hosting the videos of Cardboard Rhino presented by Eleni Papadopoulou! The videos feature some of the top boardgame campaigns running on Kickstarter! We uploaded this one... more!

Scrooge: The Board Game

16 September, 2017 | Your Opinion
“Scrooge: The Board Game” is a self-published game made by the Gerring family, with a rich story behind it. It is set in one of the immersive worlds of Charles Dickens, nostalgic to many! THEMATIC OVERVIEW The game lets you... more!