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Fantasy in Stories of the Inn

Memoires of a Rokugani Magistrate 5

26 February, 2017 |
We left our hero in Kyuden Ikoma with uncomfortable memories.  Just when we were supposed to leave Kyuden Ikoma towards the Otaku plains, Hida Miko disappeared. This was quite embarrassing so Kuni Sakura politely and conveniently fell ill. As a... more!

First impressions

19 February, 2017 |
The waitress tells me that you asked for a strange story. Well my time is expensive so I require payment up front, gold if you please but I’ll take Silver as well. What is that? Platinum? Well, we have a... more!

Memoires of a Rokugani Magistrate 3

17 February, 2017 |
Our hero had been invited to visit Shiro Matsu, a rare honor…  And finally yesterday, 1st Day of the Goat 1104, a gong announced that our Lion “hosts” had arrived in front of the open gate. Matsu Agetoki himself, on... more!


8 February, 2017 |
We had left our hero running on a bridge to help a friend in distress…  That’s when I noticed a small ribbon by the river bank, of the kind used by wealthy families. I showed it to Seiichi san who... more!