Volfyirion by Tabula Games – Interview

Category: Age: 12+ 20 - 30 Min 2 Players 2018

Tabula Games is an indie board game design Studio that focuses on Kickstarter projects with a history of more than 6000 backers! Volfyirion is their 4th successful project which is currently live.

Interview with Tabula Games

  1. For those who are not familiar with you, let us know about your company and its vision.
    Tabula Games is an indie company, consisting of a team of people passionate about board games. We are committed to giving the best quality possible and we believe it is fun to add background narrative to our games and enrich them with lore, setting, and unprecedented fantasy worlds.
  2. Volfyirion is your 4th campaign on Kickstarter. What was the most important lesson you learned from your previous successes?
    The most important thing for us is managing to build up a constructive dialogue with our backers and, together with them, create a game that meets entirely their expectations.
  3. What was the greatest challenge that you faced during the designing and development of the game?
    The hardest part was finding balance in card games that, by nature, have always a predominant unpredictable element. Also, we have tested our skills to build a very big and
    detailed miniature of 120mm.
  4. What was the inspiration behind this game and in what way is it tied to your previous game, Mysthea?
    Our goal was to create a fantasy world but not in a classic way. Everything comes from the idea of floating islands. Yet, instead of being immersed in heavenly places overlooked by
    a blue sky, those islands are dark and surrounded by mist. This was the first seed that gave inspiration to the world resulting: the planet below Icaion and all its inhabitants.
  5. What kind of gaming experience do you want to create and for what kind of gamers is Volfyirion suitable for?
    Volfyirion is a 1 vs 1 card game. Since competition is triggered between the two players, they have more chances to create a strategy and mitigate the opponent’s strategy. The game is simple with its mechanics, therefore it is accessible to any kind of game players. Of course, if we have done our job right, the player who has more experience with the mechanics of deck-building card games will have an advantage compared to the rookie. So the answer is competition and the fun to define a strategy. We are planning to release other modalities to play the game with a different number of players.
  6. What is your favorite element or mechanic of the game?
    My favorite mechanic is to enthrall Volfyirion. One has the opportunity to overturn the game asset, by unleashing the dragon on the opponent’s cities!
  7. Volfyirion has the same mind-blowing artwork by Travis Anderson as Mysthea. What made you choose this unique art-style for this universe?
    Travis’ illustrations caught us from the first moment and his “impressionistic” style, combined with his ability to coordinate colors, seemed perfect for our idea of the planet
  8. Which part of the crowdfunding experience do you enjoy the most?
    This one is the easiest answer. The moment we enjoy the most is when the community approves our hard work’s results.
  9. What’s new about this campaign?
    One of the news of this campaign is that we will involve our backers even more. In the game, we made room for some illustrations, and we want to fill them in with the portrait of the
    most active backers during the campaign. The message we want to bring is that our community is the key to the creation of the game.
    Another innovation worth mentioning is that we will give the possibility to pledge the base game tier with a special Kickstarter deal of
    only €9. Yet, these are just two of the innovations. Keep an eye on our campaign to see what we have prepared.
  10. What can we expect from “Tabula Games” in the future?
    We already promised our backers to come back on Kickstarter in the next year’s first months with our next project Icaion. It is a game strongly connected with Mysthea, in fact, it is
    designed to merge with it and create a whole new game with different goals and mechanics, and this is just for the first quarter. We have even more innovative plans for the oncoming

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