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Old School Tactical: Volume II West Front 1944-45 – The Second Edition of This Tactical Wargame

Category: Age: 12+ 45 - 180 Min 2 - 3 Players 2017
Designers: Publishers:

The popular Old School Tactical series is back with its second edition Old School Tactical: Volume II West Front 1944-45. This edition of the tactical game introduces the Americans to the series. Fight across the European countryside with tank destroyers, deploy your powerful rifle squads or attack an armored car with a bazooka. Find your enemy, flank them and exterminate them!

Do you remember the first edition? Let’s refresh your memory! Two players contest each scenario using counters that represent soldiers, guns and vehicles that fight the battles. On each turn, play moves back and forth between players and when the battle is over, players count casualties and victory points to declare the winner.

Tanks, planes, artillery, machine guns and soldiers are expected in the second edition. Old School Tactical: Volume II West Front 1944-45 has been on Kickstarter and the project will be running until August 26th. The game will be available in 2017.

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