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Category: 2023

What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a review of Gameframe by Meeple Keepers! An epic 3d printed system that transforms any table into a gaming table!

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Gameframe is an affordable modular system that turns any table into a gaming table with all the functionality and features of a professional gaming table!

The system includes trays in different sizes to store your gaming components and keep them organized. All units have a storage space inside for storing extra tray holders, card boxes, dice boxes, power banks and every unit has holes for cables so you can charge your device.
There are many kinds of trays for various components and dice! Two lines of card holders run along the main units, for the cards visible to you and the ones visible to the other players.

There are special stands for mobile phones and tablets with holes for cables to connect a charger. Special tops to use for roll and write games. Different shapes of cup holders to choose from depending on the kind of drink! And last but not least dice towers!

This system is designed by gamers for gamers and is suitable for any kind of game. It doesn’t go on your table! It expands your table so you can make use of its full dimensions and have enough space to enjoy your games. The full setup of a table takes only a few minutes and is very easy to install and after playing you can dismantle it and store it to use it next time.

All the components can be printed in the color of your choice so you can mix and match and create a beautiful modern playful gaming table!

Publisher: Meeple Keepers

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