Brass Duel: Isle of Wight – Print n Play

Age: 10+ 10 - 30 Min 2 - 2 Players 2016

From the exact words of the designer:

You might have heard of me, I designed some fun games, best known amongst them is Anachrony. You should also know, that Brass (either version) is one of my favourite games ever. I don’t claim to be the world’s greatest player at it, but I like to think I understand how it works. Furthermore, I really like looking at good games, and asking myself how I’d make them better. Well, a 3 or 4 player Brass is as perfect as I can think it be, but the wonderful positive interaction/racing competition loses a tiny bit of something in two players: so I was curious if it was possible to make a 2 player-focused, “sharper” Brass. Now combine that with a thematically inspired new mechanism (Notable Persons “moving in”) I had come up with while working on an entirely different game of mine, my brain immediately went “oooh, that would work nicely in a Brass-like game.”

Brass Duel: Isle of Wight – Print n Play now!


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