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September 2019 Round Up – 30 games in 76 minutes!

by Rahdo

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Rahdo Runs Through:

A video outlining the new games Rahdo played in September.

30. Adventure Island
29. Adventure Games: Dungeon
28. Last Bastion
27. Carnival of Monsters
26. God of War: the Card Game
25. Tribes: Dawn of Humanity
24. Patchwork Doodle
23. Darwinning!
22. Time of Legends: Destinies
21. Arkham Horror Final Hour
20. Imhotep the Duel
19. Spring on a String
18. Patchwork Express
17. Yukon Airways
16. Sovereign Skies
15. Grand Carnival
14. Deep Blue
13. Ragusa
12. First Contact
11. Queenz
10. Noctiluca
09. Maderia Expansion
08. ClipCut Parks
07. Aquatica
06. Ticket to Ride: London
05. Manchukuo
04. Calico
03. Bruxelles 1897
02. Isle of Skye Druids
01. Marvel Champions The Card Game

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Rahdo Runs Through

Hi, I film a series of boardgame video runthroughs that show, rather than tell, what a game really feels like to play. You'll find those videos here on Youtube. About me: I'm a 40+ year old videogame designer, American but living in Europe for the last several years, currently retired (hopefully it'll stick). I play boardgames almost exclusively 2p with my wife, Jen, and we generally prefer games that are heavy but not too aggressive (though we can make an exception in some cases). So those are the kinds of games you'll see me covering here.

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