5 Minute Review for 5 Minute Dungeon!

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Category: Age: 8+ 5 - 30 Min 2 - 5 Players 2017
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Game Summary

Set-Up Ease: When you shuffle the Dungeon Cards you are good to go!4 / 5 Gameplay Ease: 5 Pieces of cake! 5 / 5 Replay Value: With so many Cards and Characters Replay Value is guaranteed! 3 / 5 Thematic: Real Time Dungeon Crawl feeling! 4 / 5
Overall Rating: 5 minutes are not enough! 8.5 / 10

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(This review is written using the 5 Minute Dungeon app and took something less than 5 minutes and another 5 for editing!!! )

The timer is set!

We are gathered around the table we have our heroes, our decks and we are ready to fight our way through the Dungeon! We open doors fight monsters, obstacles, persons, bosses with our Resource and Action Cards and our Special Abilities! We must be fast, effective and not waste our resources!

5 Minute Dungeon is a Real Time Card Game in which you must face all the dungeon rooms, events and the final Boss in 5 minutes… or get lost in the dungeon! Every character plays very differently with the use of action cards and the resources that each character has depending on their class. You can play a single game if you don’t have much time or a campaign like game in which you face new bosses when you defeat one. There were initially 5 bosses but with the Kickstarer stretch goals they are up to 7. As the game progresses they become stronger and more difficult to defeat!

If you like fast games, 5 Minute Dungeon is a great game with 10 heroes (5×2) to choose from, many rooms and events to ensure replayability and fantastic art that blends very well with the humorous and smart card titles!

The thing is that when the 5 minutes end you are like I want moooore! Its quite addictive and you can’t stop!

I really enjoyed this game even though I am not a fan of games that require speed and I highly recommend to give it a try or… five!

5 Phrases that can be used:

Let’s play one more, it will take only 5 minutes!
I will play a game and in 5 minutes I will be there!
Not now! I will tell you in 5 minutes!
Give me 5 minutes and I will be all yours!
I will explain what I meant in 5 minutes!

…and so on!