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Category: Age: 9+ 10 - 35 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017
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Set-Up Ease: Faster than packing a suitcase!5 / 5 Gameplay Ease: A walk on the... globe! 5 / 5 Replay Value: With the extensions the replay value is quite high! 3 / 5 Thematic: You get a feeling of travelling or wanting to travel! 3 / 5
Overall Rating: Play and Travel! Travel and Play! Really fun game! 7 / 10

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“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet!” …Itchy feet!

Well, travelling is surelly one of the most thrilling exepriences in one’s life as you get experiences, knowledge, memories and a sense of fullfilness that you can only get in this way!
Itchy feet gives you a taste of how you would be if you were to travel from place to place and meet different cultures and people. It’s a simple card game made by travellers for travellers, really easy to learn and really enjoyable when you play it.

The goal is to travel to the country on the center of the table, but first you must travel to your own unique country! But let’s take things from setup!


Each player is dealt a passport and three item cards. A country is randomly placed in front of every player and one on the center of the table!

On your turn you must take one of the following actions:
Draw a card from the draw pile.
Recycle by taking one card from the discard pile (and discarding 2 cards from your hand).
Trade cards with another player (you also get +1 card from the draw pile if you complete the trade)
Steal a card from another player (by discarding 1 card from your hand)
Travel to the country that is in front of you and remove it from the game. If you’ve been there, then you travel to the country on the center of the table which is your final destination and you will be the winner of the game! In order to travel you need to have a passport and the three items indicated on the country card you wish to travel to!

The game really shines with the extensions that are included in the Kickstarter edition:

Events: Cards played immediately when drawn and affect all players

Special Items: Cards like item cards with special abilities

Forbidden Items: When having these items on your hand you are not allowed to travel

Postcards: If you collect 4 postcards you instantly win the game!

Characters: Each player gets a character with a unique ability that helps him throughout the game!


I was one of the backers of this game on Kickstarter and I am glad I did. We had a great time playing this game! We really enjoyed it, as we played with the base game a few times and then gradually added extensions to it! With the extensions the game changed significantly and the course of the game was filled with unexpected events and twists! It’s one of those games that you enjoy playing whenever you are, as it’s made for travellers and is totally portable! It even has the classic card symbols (on the bottom right corner) to play normal card games when you travel!

The quality of the components and the box is very good! The artwork, like the comic books is cartoonish but really really great and hilarious and gives you the sense of carelessness and freedom as the exact feeling you have when travelling! I would highly recommend it if you are a fan of light, funny party games or if you just don’t take things too seriously! After all, life is a journey we travel through!

P.S. I would like to give credits to the designers and everyone else who worked for this game to arrive to the backers, because everything including the components, the packaging and this really cool travel card that came with the game, were absolutely perfect! When I opened the package I felt like these guys really cared for the people who have supported them. They seem to love what they have created which I think is the most important ingredient of success! Keep up the good work guys!

Update: The designers have just published a video with an alternate version of the game! The rules are easy like the normal ones, but the game is faster and more intense!

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