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Category: Age: 14+ 60 - 120 Min 1 - 4 Players 2016

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Set-Up Ease: It takes time to build a whole world!2 / 5 Gameplay Ease: It has rules that you must get used to... 3 / 5 Replay Value: With the upcoming expansions almost infinite! 5 / 5 Thematic: It's Alive!!! 5 / 5
Overall Rating: Unique experience that you should live at least once! 9 / 10

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The end is near! …but this is only the beginning… of the end!
What drives a man insane is things beyond understanding, beyond knowledge, beyond fear…

“…And fear is the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown…” H.P. Lovecraft


Welcome to Arkham… Horror The Card Game! You take up roles of investigators (there are five to choose from) and you can upgrade them using the experience points you get through the various scenarios of a campaign. You have your abilities, flaws, strengths and weaknesses. You must fight your enemies and yourself in order to get some answers, solve the mystery and survive!

RPG and card game elements blend in an emerging story that wants to steal your sanity and devour your soul! But you must survive, for there is another campaign coming up, more scenarios, locations, investigators, enemies and more fear…! So, search your soul, explore the depths of your conscience and submerge into your subconscious… You have a long way to go and many challenges to face… You might get out alive but will you be the same? People change along the way…


So, build your deck (which stands for your character’s abilities, allies, spells, knowledge etc.) from pre-defined deck lists or try building your own for a more personalized experience and according to what suits you best… I would suggest that you select a character that best matches your personality and select a weakness that you think suits you best and not pick one randomly… It will add up a lot to the experience…. And during this process, ask yourself. How would you react in situations like these? What choices would you make? What would you do if all of these were real?

Oh, and music! Don’t forget the music which cannot be other than Nox Arcana (some of their music is inspired by Lovecraftian mythology). I have a playlist below so as to start with. You can search their discography to create your own playlists and create the appropriate environment for your story and adventures.

One final thing. The rule books are very well written. The concept of having basic rules and rules reference really helps new players get in the game fast, because they don’t have to learn and remember so many rules. Instead whenever they get stuck they can go to the rules reference and find all the answers there. Its really everything in there!

The Arkham Universe is so vast and I have a feeling that this game will become massive and it will provide us with endless dreadful nights… and nights!

But it all begins this very night! Tonight! At The Night of The Zealot! We are gathered in my study to investigate the causes of missing townspeople, when suddenly we start hearing strange chanting and noises as if something were digging beneath the floor… We try to see what’s going on! Then, the door disappears leaving behind only solid wall… It’s time to take things seriously…


I have three actions… I take out my flash light and the magnifying glass and I successfully investigate the study. I get one clue token.


Wendy grabs her knife (just in case) and searches the room using her flashlight ability (One more clue token). No enemies around us yet, so we proceed to the upkeep phase.


Now the noises beneath the floor seem to get closer and closer and… It’s the next turn’s Mythos Phase! The floor starts to crack and the wooden planks start to break! Grasping Hands rise up from below trying to grab me! I try to escape! But I’m not that fast. My agility is 2 and the test is (3) I draw a -2 Chaos Token. I am left with pretty good wounds (damage 3) but I’m still sane…

Wendy on the other side is standing in a corner Frozen in Fear, as all these are beyond her understanding… Now she must test her willpower to see if she is strong enough to move on…

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