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Category: , Age: 14+ 90 - 150 Min 1 - 3 Players 2020

Lucky Duck Games is launching its new system called Destinies through the 1st game of a series: Time of Legends: Destinies!

This brand-new system brings a digital DM to your table, offering an RPG-style gaming experience. From NPCs to challenging puzzles, their app has your back. As expected, Lucky Duck Games integrated the Scan&Play technology into the App. An ingenious system that you can experience in the award-winning Chronicles Of Crime. – (Another game you should check out, if you haven’t done already!)

Another unique aspect of this game is that it takes place on the well-received universe of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, by Mythic Games. This epic collaboration skyrockets anyone’s expectations about the game!

Game Overview

In this preview, we will go over “The Howl” scenario, giving you a taste about how the game works. The game is a competitive story-driven, app-augmented experience for up to 3 players. Playing through a scenario with all 3 characters reveals nearly 60% of the story. This allows you to repeat the story and still have a new experience.

It’s a sandbox-type game where you travel through the land, unraveling and affecting the world’s story. Your journey towards reaching your destiny comes with a rich narrative and challenging choices.


The never-ending rain of 1315, the great hunger, the most ruthless war between England and France, the Black Death, and now… the Angel of Death is coming. The dark times are here, will you respond to that? Following your Destiny, like our only hope, Joan of Arc did. Will you become… a Legend?!

The game takes place in a rich, dark world, where you start as a commoner, trying to make a difference, following your destiny!


All players have a unique Destiny card which indicates at least two possible winning conditions. Thus, being the first player to fulfill your Destiny makes you the winner!


The App will introduce you to the given scenario and all players must follow its instructions.
You will choose a unique character (Deserter/Herbalist/Maire) and get all player components in front of you. The App indicates your character skill values and how to construct the world map.

On Your Turn

Take the device you are using and click on any tile that is up to 2 tiles away from your location. If you end up on an explored tile, you must choose a Point of Interest to visit (explained below). In case you end up on an unexplored tile, flip it, set up the Points of Interest and choose one to visit. In that case, you also place new tiles around the newly explored one, face down (fog of war side up).


Vital Game Elements


You have 2 Main Dice and 3 Effort Dice at your disposal, with both types used for skill tests (see tests). The former type is available each turn while the latter are expendable. Nevertheless, you regain an Effort Die at the start of your turn!


You can use experience points to upgrade your skills by placing a new marker on the skill row of interest. Each such marker adds to your probabilities of succeeding on a skill test.


Points of Interest are marked with their unique tokens or 3D minis, indicating an NPC (Non-player character).

When interacting with such an element, there will be certain options available to you, indicated by the App. The possible options are the following:

  • Interactions: When the App depicts an action, you can choose to take it. But beware of the consequences it may bear!
  • Tests: This is where your skills come into play. Tests are actions that are not bound to succeed.
    Testing a skill requires you to roll both Main Dice and any number of active Effort Dice. You compare their sum to each marker you have on the corresponding skill row. For each marker on an equal or lower value than your total, you gain a success! Additionally, there is an automatic success face on each die, adding to your success total.
    The app will let you know what happens according to your total success value. Gaining experience points, acquiring items and changes in the storyline are the possible outcomes of a test.
    These tests resemble the skill checks made in RPG games, enhancing the game’s sandbox feel.
  • Scanning Items: That’s the most intriguing option for me. You can choose any one item to use/talk about with an NPC. As you only have one chance, you must think carefully, after all games are all about the choices they offer! Alternatively, you can share your personal story with the person you talk by scanning your Destiny card. This can help you in many ways, advancing towards your ultimate goal.
  • Trading: As the name indicates, you can sell and/or buy items if this option is available. A Trade Stack is created, that will be available for any future player visiting that Point of Interest.


Events & Epic Finales

Events may trigger at any time, bringing great changes to the game’s state. Time Of Legends: Destinies is a breathing world through its App, so get ready to dive into a new world!

An Epic Finale indicates that a player met their Destiny’s condition and they are ready to face their… destiny. A new icon in a Point of Interest form will be available that triggers an epic finale. If you trigger your epic finale you must go through a series of tests and challenges, that may take several turns to complete or fail them.

Game End

Fulfilling your epic finale, thus your Destiny, makes you the winner of the game!

Digital & Language Availability

The application will be available on mobile(App Store & Google Play), PC, Mac and Linux! Letting you play the game with your device of preference.

Apart from English, the game supports German, Spanish and Italian! That’s a huge advantage as story-driven games tend to work better in one’s mother tongue.


There will be both one-shot and campaign scenarios in the game. The basic game comes with 1 one-shot scenario and 4 campaign scenarios, but more of both will be available in the expansions.

A scenario editor will be available on Pc & Mac. A powerful tool that allows you to create your own content with the same components used in the game, and share it with the world!

Link to Joan of Arc

Time of Legends: Destinies is a standalone game but there will be some components compatible with Mythic Games’ Joan of Arc. This is great news for fans of both games!
Additionally, Destinies comes with the miniature quality that Mythic Games is known for, creating a consistent spin-off.

The right mood to play the game

When diving into a game with strong narrative you have to be in the right mood. Having a clear mind, ready to be playful and adventurous are vital for a great experience. Even though the game is light in terms of complexity, it still needs your attention so you can dive into your role.
Another element to keep in mind is the app companion. Since you will be using it on each player’s turn you have to be comfortable in playing while consistently following the App. Have a good piece of thematic music playing and create a nice atmosphere to further enhance your adventure!

Who is this game for?

That’s the closest a digital RPG experience has ever been to our tables. If you are a fan of classic RPGs, the ones with a thick plot, meaningful choices and enough freedom to let your mind wander, this might be the experience you are looking for. If you are an explorer, an adventurer at heart, and you don’t mind blending the digital and physical worlds, you should dive into this one. This is not a Euro-style game where you can start thinking of a strategy while hearing the rules. It’s a game that awaits to be discovered and be molded by your choices.

Kickstarter Campaign

Lucky Duck Games did it once again, creating one of the most professional and well-done campaign I have ever seen. It’s straightforward and clear, detailing all the information that you may need about their campaign. Even the pledges are clean! There are only two of them:

  • Knight Pledge: at $49 including the base game & the Myth and Folklore Expansion.
  • King Pledge: at $79 including the base game & both the Myth and Folklore and Sea of Sands Expansions.

A Twist on Stretch Goals

That’s my favorite part of the campaign. Rewarding backers in meaninful ways, adding value to their support.
The Myth and Folklore expansion will be given for free to all backers. But here is the twist: Every two days backers will get to vote for Myths, Enviroment and Twists, creating the 3 one-shot scenarios of the expansion, together!

Are you a fun of game with strong narrative, that makes you travel into distant worlds? Then make sure to check out Time Of Legends: Destinies on Kickstarter!

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