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Boards and Bits Traveler – A New Board Game Travel Bag

Category: 2017

This is another accessory which has been designed in order to make things easier for board gamers, who want to carry their board games anywhere they go in a safe and easy way.

The Boards and Bits Traveler takes up to 20 games, thus traveling with a large number of games can be a piece of cake. It has been designed so as to fit nearly any game. Moreover, it has been built for protection, since the entire bag is reinforced with foam and rigid PVC board on all six sides. A rigid interior padded divider allows you to separate the boards and bits, as well as prevent any warping of the boards.

The Boards and Bits Traveler has been designed with travel in mind. It is padded and rigid, so that it can safely transport your games. What is more, there is no “one size fits all” for board game bits. If you want to maximize space, you may use zip-lock or plastic bags. And for more protection, you can use the included custom zippered PVC bags or your own plano storage containers.

This board game travel bag will be running on Kickstarter for many days, where you can back it!

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