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The Oregon Trail Computer Game Turns Into a Card Game

Category: Age: 12+ 2 - 6 Players 2016

After the classic computer game The Oregon Trail, now The Oregon Trail Card Game is here!

It seems to be the same concept as the computer game. Your goal is to get all the way from Independence, Missouri to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. You will face challenges such as poisonous rattlesnakes, dead oxen, starvation and dysentery, as well as other unpleasant surprises…

The game includes three different decks of cards: trail cards, supply cards and calamity cards. Players have to work together to move along the trail, cross rivers and play supply cards to overcome calamities. However, one of you might sometimes have to stay behind and surrender to the calamity, if this means that the rest of the group will save precious supplies. Of course, when that person dies, their name is erased from an included dry-erase board and written on the tombstone… To win, you have to get one person alive through the whole way.

Play The Oregon Trail in a different way this time and bring back memories from the beloved computer game!

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