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How to play Among Cultists: A Social Deduction Thriller – Story of a game | s03 e14


What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a how to play video I made for Among Cultists by Godot Games!

Become a member of M, a secret society! 4-8 investigators try to prevent the arrival of a big evil in University… but watch out: evil cultists are already among us!

AMONG CULTISTS: A Social Deduction Thriller board game, is a unique social deduction experience,
inspired by the masterpiece AMONG US from Innersloth!

“Good grief! Finally, you’re here!”
The echo of his voice resounded through the hallway like a greeting from another world. The skinny Director looked
at his golden pocket watch with a slightly shaking hand, while he wiped his sweaty forehead with a handkerchief.
“How bad is it?”
the man in the brown trench coat with the pitch-black eye patch asked in the doorway of the foyer as he surveyed the room which
was messed up with mysterious runes only to answer the question for himself afterwards.
“I see: Significantly worse than expected. Does it look
like that everywhere around here?”

“Yes! Every one of them. What is the meaning of all this, Gomery? What is it those cultists want?
They’re insane!”
The man with the eye patch went over to a dresser behind the director and poured himself a whiskey in a lead crystal glass.
“It’s part of an arcane ritual. We must stop it tonight, or they will awaken something unimaginable from its eternal sleep. Gather everyone in
the central corridor immediately, before it’s too late.”

“Sure, I’ll do whatever you want, Gomery, but please, save the University! I’m inform

ing all members of the Secret Society.”
Gomery emptied the glass in a single gulp without turning a hair, then put it back upside down on the dresser, above which pentagrams in blood-red
color watched ominously.
“After that, leave the University! Who knows what else will hap
pen tonight. We cannot guarantee your safety.”

Among Cultists is a deduction game for 4 to 8 players with hidden agendas from 14 years up and a duration of about 45-90 minutes.
At the start of the game, you will be assigned random roles and teams: As an Investigator of the Secret Society, you will try to thwart the
Cultists’ dark ritual by identifying and eliminating them before they can finish it. You’d better avoid other Characters, because every encounter
could be your last! The goal of the traitors is to get rid of the Investigators.
Only if you manage to expose all the Cultists or restore enough rooms before time runs out, you can save the venerable University. But be
careful: They are already among you… and the killing has long since begun!

Designer: Stefan Godot
Artists: Jose David Lanza Cebrian, Stephen Gibson, Jarrod Owen, Andreas Schroth, Karsten Schulmann
Publisher: Godot Games

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