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Sakura – The Cherry Flower

Category: Age: 8+ 2 - 6 Players 2017
Designers: Publishers:

This is a game that takes us to Japan and its cherry trees that bloom every spring. The flower of these trees is called Sakura and is the symbol of vitality.

You place the Yin-Yang card on the table. On each side of that card you have to play two cards each time from hand, and they must be the same color as the top card of the pile, as well as higher or lower in value than the top card, according to the Yin-Yang card. Alternatively, the card can be of the same value but of a different color.

When the time comes that you cannot play by the rules, you may hire a Samurai by paying some coins. Each of the characters can help you in different ways based on their abilities, so for instance you may be able to turn the Yin-Yang card around and change its directions. What is more cards give you coins, and they also grant penalty points, but only the player with the smallest amount of points wins the game.

Sakura is an easy-to-learn game to be enjoyed and got funded on Kickstarter on day 1. You may find out more here!

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