Braintopia – A Fun Brain-Teaser!

Category: Age: 8+ 30 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017

Braintopia is coming up by Asmodee to challenge you or rather your mind! It is a simple game, whose purpose however is to test various skills of yours, such as speed, observation, coordination etc. through eight different challenges.

This is a series of mini games, through which you have to solve puzzles faster than your opponents. You flip over a card, where you will have to find the missing piece of a puzzle, solve a short and quick maze, find which two symbols match and the like. Once you have come up with an answer, you slap the top of the deck, covering the card and then you share your answer. If you are correct, you claim the card and place it in front of you, but if you are incorrect, the card is removed from the game and you are not allowed to participate in the next challenge.

One interesting element of the game is the tactile challenge. When one tactile card gets to the top of the deck, the last player to complete a challenge faces one tactile challenge. The rest of the players choose one of the texture cards from a different deck and the player must feel it with his eyes closed and identify it.

Your goal in this game is to match pairs of cards and earn a piece of the brain. The first player that gets four brain pieces wins the game!