Create The Best Formula in Nectar Board Game!

Category: Age: 10+ 30 Min 2 - 4 Players 2016
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For generations, witch doctors have tried to make a resurrection potion, attempting a variety of herbs, insects, materials and liquids to construct a potion in order to vitalize life. The result was called Nectar.

In the game, players play as witch doctors to construct a formula by utilizing all available resources to develop a potion. This is an unprecedented world of wonders, imagination and wisdom. The players who can formulate the most highly purified potion win the game.

When the game starts, each player draws six cards. Players place one card each from the deck into the pot. They take turns placing one to two cards on the board. When all the cards satisfy the necessary conditions, the collection of the cards will be played into the discard pile and the player will gain one point. Accumulate a total of five basic kinds of medical ingredients and gather four of the same basic medical ingredients. Players can, also, use a token and a special card to change the situation of the game.

The best part of the game is that you can mix and match different tools and materials from the fantasy world to produce unexpected results!

This game has exceptional artwork and we believe that along with the gameplay it will create a unique experience!

You can back it up on Kickstarter and help bring this game to life!

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