Who Will Be King in Inis?

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Category: Age: 14+ 60 - 90 Min 2 - 4 Players 2016
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Inis is a game, for 2-4 players, based on the Celtic history and lore and each player’s goal is to become the King of the Inis Island.

Players must try to achieve one the three objectives: become leaders by having more clans than the other players, owning land, which means having their clans settled on at least six different territories or being the best at the section of religion, that is having clans in territories that collectively contain at least six shrines. One of these conditions is enough for you to win, however, having a balance among the three will be the best strategy, especially if you have become familiar with the game.

Inis is a tile placement and card drafting game, with cards of different types, such as action cards, leader cards and epic tales cards that offer many actions, with which you can obtain more clans, move them, build or explore, as well as get some special actions.

Careful drafting and hand management, bluffing and making moves at the right time are the key to victory. Moreover, you should know that the more you weaken the other clans, the less likely it is for you to achieve leadership.

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