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Stone Daze Interview – Now On Kickstarter!

29 July, 2017 | Your Opinion

“Lion Keinan” from Tyto Games answers some questions about the company, their live campaign “Stone Daze” and possible future projects! “Stone Daze” is “Tyto Games’” third successful campaign on Kickstarter. Let us know about your company, its vision and philosophy,... more!

It’s Time to Grab your Swords

27 July, 2017 | Your Opinion

Swords is a fast-paced card game where quick thinking and immediate decisions, as well as reacting instantly, are of great significance, just like when fighting with swords! During the game, all players make their decisions and their moves at the... more!

Ascended Kings on Kickstarter!

24 July, 2017 | Your Opinion

The relaunch of “Ascended Kings” is here with an updated campaign and new lower price. The first game of “Incarnate Games”, transforming Art into Play. For those not already familiar with the game, we will go over a quick overview... more!

Overworld Now on Kickstarter!

20 July, 2017 | Your Opinion

THEMATIC OVERVIEW In Overworld the players take the role of explorers trying to control land and sea with their ships and giant birds. Who will be the greatest explorer? GAME OVERVIEW Overworld is a tile placing game with elements of... more!

Big Bang 13.7 on Kickstarter!

19 July, 2017 | Your Opinion

This is Big Bang 13.7, the tile placement game that allows you to create the universe! You will deal with all kinds of space and astronomical elements needed to build the universe, such as planets, stars, asteroids, comets, as well... more!