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Touria – How Far Would You Go for a Princess?

Category: Age: 10+ 45 - 60 Min 2 - 4 Players 2016

How would you feel if one of you could marry Princess Tara? Well, she has decided that it is high time she got married, but not just anyone, of course. If you wish to be the lucky guy, things won’t be easy at all, since you will have to prove that you really deserve to be her husband.

In Touria, you are brave men who set out on a journey, where you will fight against dragons, dig up gems from haunted mines and try to make good deals, because the bride’s father demands a high price if you want his daughter’s hand.

The towers of Touria will show you the way, as brave men and women move from one adventure to another. Oh, yes. Brave women, as well. You see, we haven’t mentioned that Princess Tara has got a handsome brother, Prince Talan, who also wants to get married…

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