Filosofia Éditions

Pandemic Iberia

Pandemic Iberia takes you back to the mid-19th century, having you take on the roles of members of The Second Royal Philanthropic Expedition. Of course you are asked to cooperate once again in this battle against contagious diseases, but this... more!

Carcassonne: Amazonas

Carcassonne is one of the go to “gateway games” for tile laying games. Originally published in 2000, it has since spawned many expansions as well as stand alone versions. Carcassonne: Amazonas is the third “around the world” installment within the series. This will... more!

Knit Wit

Knit Wit is a party word game from Z-Man Games, in which players have to come up with unique answers to specific categories. The thing is that there are no fixed categories, but the players have to craft their own... more!