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Thunder & Lightning – The Battle of Two Gods

Category: Age: 13+ 40 Min 2 Players 2016
Designers: Publishers: ,

Thunder & Lightning is a two player card game, in which you take the role of Thor or Loki and you find yourselves in an epic showdown.

Loki has stolen Odin’s Crown and for this reason the Great Father has given Thor his powerful ring Draupnir, so that he will manage to find cunning Loki and get the Crown back. Who will succeed in gaining control of these two precious items and come to the throne of Asgard?

Thunder & Lightning is a really interesting game from Z-Man Games, which is based on Nordic mythology and is a reimplementation of Hera and Zeus, however it contains larger decks of cards.

In order to win, you will have to fight against your enemy’s army and retrieve one of the hidden items. But will you manage to find it? Is it somewhere on the battlefield or has your opponent hidden it on him? Will your army distract him for as long as possible, allowing you to get it? Choose your side and get ready for this epic battle, because things will not be easy at all.