Ninja Taisen

Two villages have been at war for quite long, but the time has come for the final battle that will determine who is going to prevail. For this reason, the leader of each village has gathered the best Ninjas to... more!


In Pyramids, players secure glory for their ancient Egyptian dynasty by building the most impressive necropolis. Choosing the best stones from the quarry, they create pyramids, obelisks and tombs that honor the Egyptian gods. This also has relatively quick game playing time,... more!

The Legend of the Wendigo

Legend of the Wendigo has elements of the Werewolf-style party game.  One player acts as the Wendigo spirit, trying to scare a band of Junior Chipmunk Scouts, the rest are scouts who must try to identify it before the spirit can... more!

King of Tokyo

This is a new edition of King of Tokyo from IELLO, with new artwork and monsters! The monsters we are already familiar with – The King, Gigazaur, Meka Dragon and Alienoid – are still here though improved, and two new monsters... more!