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Ninja Taisen Is Coming

Category: Age: 8+ 20 Min 2 Players 2017
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Two villages have been at war for quite long, but the time has come for the final battle that will determine who is going to prevail. For this reason, the leader of each village has gathered the best Ninjas to prepare them for an attack to the enemy village.

Ninja Taisen is a 2 player game, easy to learn and play, in which each player recruits and controls 10 Ninjas in order to defend their village and invade their opponents’ one. Its mechanics are based on the rock/paper/scissors logic, and you must beat the enemies standing at the other side of the path, so as to capture their village. How far will your ninjas get? It is not up to you, as only dice can tell…

Ninja Taisen is coming from IELLO any day now!