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Quezzle – Story of a game | s02 e12


Hi! I’m Thanos! This is my story of Quezzle!
A review and overall presentation of this amazingly beautiful puzzle that has a story, quests and other mysteries…

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Quezzle is a wooden puzzle from a thousand unique pieces.
Piece by piece you`re assembling figurines of dragons, gas balloons, and animals into a single picture of Cappadocia. You`re to assemble a 3D-figurines of helpmates out of extra parts, and the elements of the main puzzle are assembling into 6 mini-puzzles.
Watch and find secrets:
Quezzle is an illustration drawn in detail with hundreds of stories and characters. It`s a pleasure — watching it. Mummies, ninjas, dinosaurs, and even Quezzle`s creators from Unidragon and IC4Design are hidden inside it. In the picture rich in stories you are to find messages coded in details, objects, and words.
Watch and get through tasks:
Quezzle is the main quest where you`re to save the Princess from the villain and his minions. 3D-figurines of the Unidragon Prince — the Elephant, Pegasus, the Eagle, and the Lion — are waiting for you in each part of Quezzle. 40 adventitious tasks and 10 mazes will add to the story. Get through them and help the Prince and Cappadocia peoples!

Publisher: Unidragon, IC4Design

Intro 0:00
Story 0:53
How To Play 1:53
Impressions 2:29

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