Abstract Strategy

Ninja Taisen

23 June, 2017 | Your Opinion
Japanese themed games always appeal to me and after all, who doesn`t like Ninjas in our time?! Also, Japanese designers always deliver fresh and quirky experiences, making me intrigued and eager to try them every time. Let’s see what “Ninja... more!

Tiki Up on Kickstarter!

10 March, 2017 | Your Opinion
THEMATIC OVERVIEW You incarnate a divinity of “Manami” Island lusting for the succulent pineapples that grow there. But this won`t be an easy task, as there is another divinity that can appreciate the golden fruit! Your divine powers will collide,... more!

Who Will Be the True Messiah?

13 October, 2016 | Your Opinion
“It is the near future; Earth. Years ago, scientists successfully constructed the Belief Engine, a machine that warps reality based on people’s strongly held beliefs. The machine was turned on for testing, but it proved too sensitive: widespread belief in... more!