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Top 10 Upcoming Kickstarters (October 2021) | The R&R Show #9


You can purchase Four Gardens now at IMPORTANT NOTE: Rude, dismissive or diminishing comments are NOT ALLOWED and will be removed. If you cannot treat everyone with kindness and respect, this is not the place for you. Please see for more. Thank you! Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now… the 9th episode of The R&R Show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board game crowdfunding! For more Ruel, check To enter the contest, send the “secret word” as the subject line of an email to [email protected] 🙂 Playlist of all R&R Episodes: 0:00 Intro/Contests 12:07 11 PREVIEWS COMING SOON TO THE CHANNEL… 13:43 Birdwatcher, Perpetuity, Roll Camera exp., Bardwood Grove & Terraternity Birdwatcher: Perpetuity: Roll Camera: Bardwood Grove: Terraternity: 14:56 Resurgence 16:04 Pathfinder Arena 17:47 Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory 20:48 Circadians: Chaos Order 23:09 City of the Great Machine 24:23 The Phantom: Terror in Mawitaan 25:07 TOP 10 COUNTDOWN… 25:34 10. Warpgate: Beyond 27:55 9. Lords of Ragnarok 32:38 8.Thunder Road Vendetta 35:10 7. Federation 41:28 6. Iron Forest 45:50 5. Ahau: Rulers of the Yucatan 48:35 4. MonsDRAWsity: Unusual Suspects 50:44 3. Karigar-E-Taj (Artisans of the Taj Mahal) 52:52 2. Mythwind 55:48 1. Paint the Roses 58:52 (bonus) Aldarra Reborn 59:40 Outro …

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