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Escape From Flat Earth – Music Story (Unboxing)


Hi! I’m Thanos! This is an unboxing story I made with Escape From Flat Earth! Publisher: (Self-Published) Giga Mech Games Designer: Kristian Fosh Artist: Kristian Fosh Your ship marooned on a strange, flat planet. The crew sent out in search of vital resources. Lethal dangers found at every turn. Can anyone… Escape from Flat Earth? Dressed in potentially fatal fashion, your Red Suits have beamed down to the Flat Planet. Drawing cards reveals events that create a mission timeline, bestow new card actions to use, or stumble upon attacks that will take your crew if you can’t teleport them out of harm’s way. A narrative-creating card game for fans of sci-fi who should know better than to wear red. And especially for those that don’t. **Our stories… made of board games ❀ ** Join our facebook group to get updates and enter exclusive contests! Visit our website to watch videos from your favorite channels. Contact us at: [email protected] #BoardgameStories #review #divinus

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