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How to play Once Upon A Line board game – Story of a game | s4 e1

Category: Age: 14+ 120 - 180 Min 1 Players 2023

What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a how to play video I made for Once Upon A Line board game by Perte & Fracas and Lucky Duck Games!

Since the dawn of time, YOU, the Zephyrhymes have watched over the Great Balance in secret. When Tragedy threatens to plunge the world into chaos, these superior entities intervene by taking control of those with enough power, sometimes called ‘Heroes’. As a Zephyrhyme, you must work against fate and try to deflect the hardships yet to come. Each of your choices will create either glory or Tragedy in the story.

ONCE UPON A LINE is an immersive narrative game played as a campaign and divided into Chapters. You embody the Heroes of the story and try to guide them through the ongoing Tragedy. To do this, you must look for words hidden on a scratch off grid dubbed ‘The Grid of Destiny’. When a word is discovered you may take and read its corresponding card. This
card will reveal to you the next part of the story as well as new words to find on the grid.

Designers: William Aubert, Dan Thouvenot
Artists: Bastien Boulai, Alexandre Gimbel, Adrien Gion, Romain Mottier, Vincent Ptitvinc, Leandro Di Terlizzi, Guillaume “GYAx” Weber
Publishers: Perte & Fracas, Lucky Duck Games


Several centuries have passed since the most recent mass extinction saw nearly all of humanity and mammals disappear. The true champions of the survivors were the insects.

Their ability to adapt and the lack of predators enabled their accelerated evolution. It’s not at all a rare occurance to see an ant over three meters long or a butterfly with a six meter wingspan.
All of these creatures have climbed higher on the food chain than the surviving humans.
Upon the ruins of the ancient human city of Florence, a colony of humans has found a way to take control of these ferocious creatures and even use their amazing abilities to replace some lost technology and fossil fuels. This haven of peace was baptized as The Great City of Kell
The inhabitants have discovered ‘Pollentanyl:’ a chemical substance that makes the insects docile and dependent. It is given out in the form of pellets by an elite group that guards their secret recipe jealousy. Naturally, the pellet has become the system of currency in and around the region of Kell.

In the Great City of Kell, society is divided up into six main guilds: The Assembly of Lepilazuli, an elite group in charge of regulating the pellet economy, knowledge, and politics. They have placed themselves as the main guild. The SquadrAnt Legion, Under the command of the Red Empress. Constitutes a military force capable of maintaining order in and around the City of Kell.
The Alioptera Caste, a matriarchal society led by a charismatic queen. They manage the health and development of insect eggs.

The Scar Tribe, a powerful guild of artisans and builders. The Aphideer Community a group of breeders and farmers under the SquadrAnt protection. The Skeeter Faction, a band made up of the leftovers. They are everywhere that poverty reigns.

As well as these, there are also several smaller guilds that are more or less independent.

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