The Bark Side Kickstarter Giveaway!

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The Bark Side Kickstarter campaign has a few days left and its about 70% funded!
Korea Boardgames has sent us its press release and offered us a copy of the game for a giveaway!

Check out the game on Kickstarter and Enter the Giveaway below for a chance to win a copy of the game!

Press Release:

Korea Boardgames has launched its doggy trick-taking card game The Bark Side on Kickstarter.

Leading board game publisher and distributor on the Korean market, Korea Boardgames released its new trick-taking card game The Bark Side on Kickstarter, April 10th. The campaign has already successfully been funded by almost 55%.

Adapted from Japanese author Kotaro KANDA’s game Docchi no Shimatsu Show! and illustrated by Serene WYATT (illustrator of the book series Ellie the Wienerdog), The Bark Side is a light and entertaining game enjoyable by all level of players. While dog-lovers and families will be seduced by the cheekiness of the dog illustrations, more game-oriented players will appreciate the familiar yet renewed core trick-taking mechanism of the game.

Gameplay in a nutshell:
Gameplay takes around 30 min., playable from 3 to 5 players above 7 years old. Players are dogs creating trouble in the neighborhood until they got caught by their owner on the last trick of each round. Numbered from 1 to 10, each card represents a naughty mess made by a dog.
Players try to win each trick by playing in clockwise order a card (or a set of card) of same or higher value than the previous one. However, they must discard their lowest card in hand if they cannot.

While high value cards allow a player to win a trick, the goal of the game is to not win the last trick of a round. Indeed, the player playing the highest card on the last turn must add cards to its area. The player with the least cards in its area at the end of the game wins.

Five different pledge levels are available. To keep the game and shipping fees as affordable as possible, Korea Boardgames partnered with Masterquarter Logistics and Gamesquest, both experienced and renowned board game crowdfunding campaign fulfillment companies. The game is also a Kickstarter Exclusive: Korea Boardgames guarantee that it will not be sold in retail shops but only through the campaign and that no reprint of the game will be done.

To seduce a broader audience, the Kickstarter campaign offers many attractive features:
Early-bird pledges: With backer’s interest at heart, early-bird copies are provided for both 1-copy pledge (10€) and 2-copies pledge (16€). Currently all 1-copy early bird pledges run out but many 2-copies early bird pledge are still available.

Active participation: Through this campaign Korea Boardgames aim to interact with its backers and give them a part in the development process of The Bark Side. The first stretch goal is the addition of 2 new cards as a 6-player expansion. Backers can submit their dog’s funny stories and the team will pick its favorite to illustrate both cards. Story submission can be made by mail at or in the campaign page’s comments section until April 25th.


 Korea Boardgames  is giving away 1 copy of The Bark Side!
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The Bark Side Giveaway!

The game will be given away and shipped – if The Bark Side gets funded on Kickstarter – by  Korea Boardgames. The winner is picked randomly and will be informed within a week after the draw! All giveaways follow BoardGame Stories’ Terms and Conditions!


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