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This is Gigamic! Episode 01 – How to play all the Abstract Games!


What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a how to play video I made for all the abstract games from Gigamic Games! Quixo Squadro Pylos Quarto Quantic Quoridor and Qawale!

You can find more info of the games on the official website:

First stop is Quixo where everything is… shaped like a cube!
At the beginning of the game, all cubes are placed with the blank side face up. The two players choose who plays with crosses and who plays with circles.
The goal of the game is to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with 5 cubes of your symbol.
The player who makes and announces that they have made a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with 5 cubes of their symbol wins the game! However, when making your line if you have created a line with the opponent’s symbol, then you lose the game.
In Squadro each player has 5 pieces of the same color on the starting zone behind the starting line, all pointing towards the middle of the board. On your turn, you must choose to move one of your pieces a number of spaces equal to the number of points indicated next to its starting space. The pieces always move in a straight line and must perform the entire movement unless they are blocked.
The first player who makes the round-trip with 4 of their pieces wins the game!
Pylos is pure and Tactical. The perfect way to make it to the top!
At the beginning of the game, the spheres are arranged in the reserve area at the foot of the pyramid. During the game, players try to build a pyramid by stacking the 30 spheres and at the same time keep as many of them as possible in their reserve area so they won’t run out before the game ends.
After building the pyramid we will visit Quarto an island full of trees where strategy meets simplicity!
The goal of the game is to make a line of four pieces with at least one common characteristic on the board. Each of the pieces comes with four characteristics: light or dark, round or square, tall or short, solid or hollow.
When a player makes a line of 4 pieces with the same characteristic, for example: 4 light pieces, 4 round pieces, 4 solid pieces and so on they call Quarto and win the game! The player should definitely call Quarto or else is not the winner!
From there we will go to a mysterious island! Quantic! There we will find out the true meaning of abstraction. Purely abstract, tactical, logical.. There is just one rule, simple but it means everything!
Each player takes a set of 8 pieces of one color. On your turn, you must place one of your pieces on an empty space on the board. You must not place a shape in the same row, column or region in which your opponent has a piece of the same shape. However, you can place a shape in the same row, column or region as your own piece of the same shape.
The first player who creates a line of four different shapes in a row, column or region even if they do not own all the pieces, wins the game!
Next stop is Quoridor! The Labyrinth island! Can you build one labyrinth, go inside and get out first? Well this is Quoridor! And you can imagine by the name what awaits you there!
The goal of the game is to be the first player to reach the opposite line of your staring point.
Start by placing your pawn in the center of your base line. During your turn, you can choose to either move your pawn or put up one of your fences; but when you run out of them, you can only move your pawn.
The first player who gets their pawn on one of the 9 squares next to their opponent’s base line wins the game!
From there we will leave for our final destination where we will end our trip to self-awareness and enlightenment. We will go to the meditation island Qawale! Simple, tactical and soothing… Place pebbles and create your own path!
The goal of the game is to make a line of 4 pebbles of your color horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Stack 2 tan-colored pebbles in each corner of the board. Each player takes 8 pebbles of one color.
On your turn, you choose one stack of pebbles and place a pebble of your color on top. Then, you take that stack and move it, starting in an adjacent space. You place down the pebbles one at a time, starting with the one at the bottom of the stack, and put it orthogonally adjacent to the previous one.
The first player who makes a visible line of 4 pebbles of their color in a row, column or diagonal wins the game!

Intro 0:00
Quixo 1:30
Squadro 2:39
Pylos 4:03
Quarto 5:28
Quantic 7:06
Quoridor 8:20
Qawale 9:50
Outro 11:13

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