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Out of Sorts Kickstarter Giveaway!

Out of Sorts is now on Kickstarter and we’re giving away a Premium, Custom Made set, valued at $128! All sets of Out of Sorts are high quality, with striking artwork and clean design. The Premium sets, however, take this up several notches with top-shelf materials, slower, more precise laser engraving, and bespoke attention to details.
Out of Sorts is a beautiful, illustrated set of wooden, laser-engraved tiles and tokens. It is designed to encourage and develop creativity, imagination, and strategy for kids and adults alike. But it’s not just a game. Like a deck of cards or a set of dominoes, it’s a system that is both simple and extremely versatile.

This means that you can play many different games with a single set. Some have very basic rules and are easy to pick up, while others require more strategy and thinking. Give the tiles it to a 2-year old and watch them explore and learn. Set up a game between a teen and adult, and it’s challenging enough for both. It’s truly a game for the whole family, or for anyone with a love of good design.

Enter the Out of Sorts Kickstarter Giveaway!

Out of Sorts Giveaway

The games will be given away only if it gets funded and shipped by the Producer. The winners are picked randomly and will be informed within a week after the draw! All giveaways follow BoardGame Stories’ Terms and Conditions!

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