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Enter the Alien Wood…

Category: Age: 12+ 10 - 20 Min 2 Players 2017

Since ancient times, the laws of the war were honored in woods. Here, any wanderer looking for military valor will find a worthy enemy. Fierce beasts lurk in the wild places, sirens sing their deadly song in boiling lakes and alchemists read the forgotten spells, which open new portals to alien worlds, somewhere in cursed tableland. Are you ready to invade alien woods and come out the winner?

Alien Wood is a dynamic PvP game, where you will face weird creatures and use spells. There are three classes to choose from – Wild, Magic and Science – each of which comes with 23 creatures and spell cards that allow you to play with various game scenarios.

You choose the class and the creature you’re going to play for, and prepare your deck. You begin with 13 Health points and 1 point of Mana. Your goal is to kill your opponent by taking away all his Health.

The value of the cards in Mana determines how they get played. When you attack the enemy’s creatures, your creature takes damage as well, which is equal to the damage you have done. If your creature does not die of the damage it has taken, its health is restored in your next move.

During the game, you take turns where you can attack the enemy or his creatures, get back a damage, cast a spell or summon a minion.

Alien Wood is a fantasy game with a wonderful artwork and simple rules that allow for many different games! You can take a look at Indiegogo to find out more.

Alien Wood | new tabletop game

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