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πŸ”₯ How to play Hellapagos 🏝️ (Big Box) in 5′ – This is Gigamic! S1 E3

Category: Age: 8+ 20 Min 3 - 12 Players 2020
Designers: , Artists: Publishers:

What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a how to play video I made for Hellapagos Big Box from Gigamic Games!

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Intro 0:00
Story of the game 1:04
Big Box Changes 1:34
How to play 2:25
Variants 6:43
Outro 7:18

Hellapagos is a “co-opetition” game in which players struggle to survive on a desert island and build a raft to escape before a hurricane devastates them. While players need to work together, as the days go by, Hellapagos will get the best of your group and turn friends into enemies. Diplomacy, wit, and skullduggery are all fair game if you are to survive this unforgiving adventure.

Hellapagos: Big Box combines the components of the Hellapagos base game and They’re No Longer Alone expansion, which adds the following new features to the game: twenty character cards, thirty event cards, and twenty additional shipwreck cards. All three expansion elements are independent; players can incorporate a single new component, or all three if they wish.

Designers: Laurence Gamelin, Philippe Gamelin
Artists: Jonathan Aucomte
Publisher: Gigamic

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