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Neon Knights Giveaway!

Category: , Age: 8+ 20 - 120 Min 2 - 6 Players 2018
Designers: Publishers:

Its the year 2086 and the city is divided in two classes. The upper class is for the rich and privileged who live in the upper half of the city and the lower class who live in the slums. The business men of the upper class have created the Extreme Racing League (automotive races) for their amusement and anyone in the slums who owns a car can enter the race. The winner gets a free pass to the upper class and a promise for a better life!


Neon Knights is a Cyberpunk Battle Racing game coming straight from… the future! Designed by Luca Vince Caltabiano member of  Board to Death Reviews this  board game offers a thrilling racing experience in a dystopian and dark environment filled with Neon Lights and… Knights! Besides the single races players can play the campaign mode in which the real challenge takes place as you can upgrade weapons and shields on your car, customize your car, upgrade your driving skills, gain fans and sponsors!

The game is made up of 3 Rounds and each Round consists of 3 Phases:

Preperation Phase: The last player chooses 8 tiles that fit in the racing area and places them to form a track. Then shuffle the Fan Betting cards (Money Icon) and deal 1 to each player.

Action Phase: In player order, each player will take 1 action from the following list:
• Take a Sponsor. (Take 1 face up sponsor or draw from that deck)
• Visit Shop. (Buy 1 from the face up parts in the shop / Install parts)
• Buy 1 Special. (Buy and attach it to corresponding slot on your car)
• Draw a Fan Bet. (Draw a fan bet card from the deck)
• Repair Armor (For every 5 chips you spend, repair 1 Armor)
• Train your Skills (Install Skills onto your player board – Brains)

Racing Phase: Players in turns move on the track. On the 1st Racing Turn, Players use only their speed to move. On the following Racing Turns they are allowed to use weapons, shields or specials and repair their cars.

After the Race:
• Players check the fan bets
• Change Player Order
• Acquire Skills (only in Campaign Mode)
• Rearrange Skills (only in Campaign Mode)
• Repair Armor
• Train Player’s Skills

After the Clean Up Phase a new Round begins and the player with the most victory points at the end of the Final Race is the Winner of the game!

Neon Knights is up on Kickstarter and you should definitely check it out!


Board to Death is giving away a bundle of
Neon Knights & Street Kings (full copy)

Complete the actions below and get
as many entries as you can for a chance to win!

Neon Knights Giveaway!

The game will be given away and shipped – if it gets funded – by Board to Death. The winner is picked randomly and will be informed within a week after the draw! All giveaways follow BoardGame Stories’ Terms and Conditions!


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