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Get Inspired With The Bead Game

Category: 5 - 240 Min 1 - 8 Players 2016

The Bead Game is the modern way in which you can experience traditional board games. It is a compact set that allows you to discover board games from cultures all over the world and from different periods of history. What is more, you can add variations to existing games or even create your own games!

The Bead Game is a versatile game set that allows numerous ways to play. The Bead Game Box is small in size, however it is super functional. Traditional games that are forgotten or lost have come together into this innovative collection. You can quickly change from one game to another, as happens in Xbox or Playstation. You can arrange modular game boards in many different and most common layouts.

With the App of the Bead Game, you can discover and learn new games or share exciting board game variations from players around the world. Be creative and make your own rules! Interact with other players and find out how they have added or adapted the rules of your favorite games!

This is The Bead Game and this is a chance for you to boost your creativity and stimulate your imagination!

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