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πŸ’³ How to play Disrupt board game πŸ›οΈ Story of a game | s4 e8

Category: Age: 14+ 50 - 90 Min 1 - 4 Players 2023
Designers: , , Publishers:

What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a how to play video I made for Disrupt by Triple Meeple!

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Become the new Unicorn Startup and claim your place in Silicon Valley!

.disrupt is a fully asymmetric economic board game with worker placement and card-driven mechanics. As a player, you will choose one of the following roles: The Startup Entrepreneur, The Market Leader, the Angel Investor, or the Business Process Outsourcer.

You will be able to design, develop, and market high-tech Projects, Buy and Sell Shares, fortify your Brand, manipulate the market, influence the Social Hype track, and use your unique abilities to your advantage.

Through bargain, bluff but also vision you will have the chance to outsmart your opponents and become the next Tech Titan of our time!

In the asymmetrical board game .disrupt, you play the game by undertaking one of the different roles:

The Startup Entrepreneur aims at funding their projects and becoming a Unicorn company.
The Market Leader must retain their current status as a Tech Giant.
The Angel Investor increases their power by buying and selling shares of profitable projects.
The Business Process Outsourcer decides which project to support or let fail.

The startupper starts with minimum funds but has 3 promising projects that he needs to work hard to give them enough design, development, and marketing to surpass the established ones of the Market Leader.

The BPO can give lots of solutions to upgrade projects so all his offers are very appealing to both the Startupper and the Market Leader. Wits and planning ability will determine who will be the one to strike the best deal.

The Angel Investor needs to predict what will happen in the fierce battle of the projects for the market share; only by investing in the projects that will prevail, they can hope to win! Thankfully, they have lots of tools to make even the smallest project flourish and triumph.

Lastly, the Market Leader starts the game as a winner, as they are ahead of everyone else and all they must do is keep their ground. This is not at all an easy task, and they will have to sabotage many other projects, obstruct other players, and empower/update their own projects in order to stay on top of the game.

Every game of .disrupt might be different however here are some spotlights that you should expect to happen…

The Startupper increasing the design, development, and marketing strength of their project in order to overcome the current Market Leaders project.

The Market Leader uses their influence to deprive other players of funds and resources so they can continue to monopolize the market.

The Angel Investor requesting a share of the Project in order to help with its development.
The Business Process Outsourcer bargains with other players about which project they me help support.
The Startupper β€œreluctantly” sells the shares of a project, they know will not manage to successfully launch.
The Market Leader buys out a threatening project while selling first the shares of their own project in that market.
The Angel Investor increases the Social Hype of a project they just bought shares so they can be sold at a higher price.

The Business Process Outsourcer focusing on a Bear Market first buys shares from all projects in that market, then manipulates the market to switch to Bull Market for maximum gain.

Designers: Aiollus, Iskios, VantoN
Publisher: Triple Meeple

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