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Coach Your Team in Techno Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged

Category: Age: 13+ 45 - 120 Min 2 Players 2016
Designers: Publishers:

Here comes a game that puts everything you love about video game football classics on the tabletop and offers you the chance to play as a coach and design your own formations and plays!

Coaches begin by creating their formations, by just following some simple guidelines and without any real football knowledge required. Players don’t have any assigned positions and coaches can feel free to place them as they want. Players, however, have skill ratings which will work better if they take certain roles on the field.

The game features five different modes of play, each one of which offers a completely different game experience. Depending on the mode you choose to play in, a team will have 7 or 8 players on it and you will have two identical cards for each player on your bench. To call your play, you stack 5 of your player cards in any order that you like. This is the order you are going to follow when the game begins. When the ball is hiked, coaches simultaneously flip over the top card of their play deck and the coach whose player has the highest skill rating decides who activates first.

In Techno Bowl, both coaches are constantly involved in the game and players interact with each other on the field as the game proceeds, through their actions and skill checks. No matter which formation and strategy you choose, you can have a fast-paced football game that changes dynamically and offers an authentic football experience.

Techno Bowl is up on Kickstarter and will be running for a few more days.

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