Dwarves of Iron Peak – Will They Recover the Stolen Relic?

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Category: Age: 12+ 20 - 30 Min 2 Players 2017
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The huge Mountain Troll has stolen the Dwarves’ Relic and the Dwarves cannot put up with this. They are determined to go to that Troll’s lair and get back what is theirs.

This is Dwarves of Iron Peak, a competitive game for 2 players, where one player controls the band of Dwarves, whereas the other player takes the role of the enormous Troll. The Dwarves’ goal is to recover their riches or kill the Troll. The Troll has to kill the Dwarves and prevent them from getting back the precious Relic.

The Dwarf player controls 6 Dwarven Lancers and 2 Dwarven Warriors. An intriguing element of the game is the fact that the Lancers come with removable Great Lances with which the Dwarves can pin the Troll’s feet down.

The Troll, apart from its big feet that bear one hole each for the lances, also controls one Hammer and two large Cave Spiders. Dwarves may be crushed by its feet and Hammer, while they may be poisoned by the Spiders.

Will the Dwarves take back what belongs to them and stay alive or will they be crushed?

Dwarves of Iron Peak has been up on Kickstarter and it has been funded. It is due to run until March 20th.

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