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Dice Tower Con 2019 Recap


Kevin and Melissa travel to Dice Tower Con and talk to a bunch of publishers, meet lots of friends and play games with fans!

Games we talk about:
0:24 Paranormal Detectives
3:39 Century: New World
5:46 Stronghold Games
6:10 Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write
9:00 Pret-a-Porter
9:15 Empires of the North
11:20 Game Toppers
12:49 It’s a Wonderful World
14:44 Passtally
16:55 The Grimm Masquerade
18:56 Era
20:56 Menace Among Us
28:01 Terrors of London
34:12 Stronghold Games
35:00 Volcanic Isle
36:57 Dragonscales
40:33 Shobu
42:28 Tuki

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